Hey everyone! We hope you enjoyed last weeks lesson. Remember they will always be up under the distance learning category so you can always go back and repeat your favorite ones. Check out this weeks lesson below. Don't forget to send us an email to tell us about it...we love seeing what your doing!!

Check out this short video on Hand Washing First:
 Hand Washing Video

Choice One (Technology needed):
We chose this Tabata lesson for one of your choices this week because it goes over the FITT principal and gives some great detail on the form of the exercises you are doing...give it a try!!

FITT lesson and Tabata workout

Choice Two (No technology needed):
Check out this fun sock shooting activity!
See how many baskets you can make. Scatter your socks throughout a room and place a basket against a wall. Shoot the socks into the basket as quickly as you can using your best form. Time yourself and then try to break your record! You can also play against a family member or try using your non dominant hand to increase the difficulty.
Laundry Basketball Image