Before starting the exercise routine please click the link below for a warm up.

Warm Up

Once you complete the warm-up choose one of the following activities:

Choice One:
Click on the following link and participate in a choose your own adventure workout
link to adventure fitness

Choice Two:

Upper Body:

1. Arm Circles- Stand erect, with arms making a “T” shape with body. Swing arms forward and backward. (Count of 15 forward and 15 backward.)

2. Measuring Worm- Stand straight. Place hands on the floor in front of feet. Walk hands out as far as possible without losing balance. Then walk feet up to hands. (5 times)

3. Seal Walk - Start in a push up position, the body and legs are kept straight with toes pointed away from the head, Use only the hands and arms to drag the legs. (5 times)

4. Modified Push-Ups- Start in a push up position. Keep the body straight, but let the knees bend until they touch the ground. Now bend the elbows and lower the body toward the ground, but do no touch the body to the ground, and return to staring position. (minimum of 10)

5. Push-Ups - Prone position with weight on hands and feet. Keep the body straight. Students lower their body as close to the floor as possible and then push the body up to the starting position. (minimum of 5-10)


Trunk Development:

1. Side Bends- Place hands on hips and bend trunk to the right and left as far as possible, repeat. (Hold for 10-15 seconds)

2. Toe Touches - Stand erect with hands on hips, bend forward, keeping the knees locked, and touch the toes with the fingers. (Hold for 10-15 seconds)

3. Windmill - Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, Extend arms sideward to shoulder level. Bend forward to touch left hand to right foot and repeat this action on opposite side. (count to 20) 

4. Trunk Twists - Stand erect, arms sideward at shoulder level. Twist at the waist  rotating left arm to the front and right arm to the back, repeat this action.  (count to 20)

5.   Side Leg Lifts - Lie on side with one arm extended over the head and the other arm resting on the side, with the legs straight.  Raise top leg vertically, attempting to touch the hand to the foot without bending the leg or elbow. Repeat the same steps for the other side. (10 each side)

6.  Double Leg Lifts - Lie on the back in a prone position. Lift the legs slowly off the     floor to about twelve inches. Lower the legs to about 1 inch from the floor without   touching the ground. Repeat for desired number of reps.


Lower Body:

1. Toe Raise- Students raise up on tip toes, lifting the heel completely off the ground, and lower to the starting position. Repeat this process for the desired number of reps. *Hint- an elevated surface can be used to increase the difficulty.

2. Lunge Walk- Assume an athletic position and step forward into a lunge position. Keep your chest up, look straight forward and co-ordinate your arms with your legs. (10 each leg)

3. High Knee Lift- Extend up onto the toes and lift each thigh to a position parallel with the ground as you move forward. (10 each side)

4. Calf walk- Extending the ankle on each step will warm up the calf muscle and achilles tendon. (20 times total)

5. Squat- Stand in an athletic position and lower your self as if sitting in a chair. Make sure head is up and knees do not pass toes. (set of 10)

6. Leg Drives- Lean forwards against a wall, with your hands out at shoulder level and your feet shoulder-width apart. Look straight ahead and keep your body straight. Lift your right leg, with the knee bent, until the upper thigh is parallel to the ground. From your hip, drive the leg back, so that your forefoot contacts the ground, then pull the leg back up to the starting position to complete one rep. (10 times each leg)

**To make the workout a little harder repeat the routine 2-3 times or for up to 30 minutes.  You may also increase the reps per exercise.