*We follow Kindergarten curriculum. If we feel that students may have difficulties accessing, other options will be posted. 
If your child attends general education for any academics, please visit their class page for more information on assignments.

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MATH: Shapes (SOL:K10abc)
-Begin with Jack Hartmann 'Name the shape' video
-Starfall's 'sort the button' activity
-Shapes workbook
-Interactive powerpoint
(to access powerpoint, click the link above and begin the powerpoint from beginning)
-Find shapes around the house, what shapes can you find? Can they identify which shape without prompting?

READING: Upper/lowercase alphabet sounds and rhyming (K.4)
-Begin with Jack Hartmann letter sound identification
-Letter sound sort worksheets
-Rhyming, play Rhyming Dust Bunnies, or any other rhyming book
-Rhyming worksheet
-Ask your child if they can make their own rhymes, 'What rhymes with...?'

Upper & lower case writing (K.7a)
-Review letter recognition (however you'd like, via flashcards/interactive powerpoint/worksheets)
-Tactile letter writing in rice/sand
-Playdoh mats make letters
-Dry erase marker alphabet practice
-Pencil/paper letter practice

 5 Senses (K.2ab)
-Video review

Academic review posted is to be for the duration of the week. Please do not feel pressured to complete all academic subjects in a day. Again, all academic review is considered optional. 
I will continue to update the page throughout the week, so if there appear to be some links missing, please check back another day :)

If you feel these resources are not sufficient, you can also find additional review on the Files/Documents tab or you can visit Ms. Rodriguez class page.