Below are useful links to websites. These are great for at home learning!

Family Resources:

PWCS Free Meals - Breakfast and Lunch (click)

Food Pantry List (click)

Free Food and Clothing Pantry (click) 
(Scroll down to find resources that help you explain Coronavirus to kids AND activities to help kids cope.)

Gifted Learning (Signet): 
(This is Ms. Matz's web page. You will see some of her favorite sites. For her weekly schedule, click on the tab on the left named "April 14th". Any student is welcome to use these activities!)

Math Sites:  (In Sumdog, you can play as a guest.)

Social Studies Sites:

Science Sites:

Reading, Writing, and Drawing Sites: 
(Scroll down and click "Elementary Stream". There are some books you can read and some you can listen to.) 
(New episodes are added every week day at 1:00)  (drawing, comics, and writing activities) 
(Time For Kids - Create a free account with an email address - Scroll down and select the grade level (reading level) that you would like.)

Fun Extras: 
(I ESPECIALLY recommend this site if your child is bored at home/needs more activities. I like the "daily schedule" feature. Select the grade level range that you would like and it will give your child a schedule of fun activities for the morning, afternoon, and evening of each day!) (watch famous actors read picture books) 
(astronauts read picture books from space) (TED for kids) (Smithsonian for kids)
(Scholastic day-by-day projects)